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Exploring Go's type system as an OO programmer

I’ve been learning Go over the pandemic as a way to learn new things. One of the things that I’ve had the hardest time with has been Go’s type system. As a traditionally object-oriented programmer, we talk a lot about type hierarchies: all things come from some root object class that the Compiler lies exists and eventually we get down into the brass tacks of real WidgetGrabbers and IGrabbableWidgets. Coming from that background, the type system in Go feels awkard.
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Returning to blogging in 2021

Previously, this site was mostly a showcase of things that I had been working with. It’s been a long time since I maintained a blog. I would like to start keeping some of my notes in a more open place. After years of not blogging, I want to return. Previously, I blogged on Tumblr. There’s a handful of old tumblr posts that I’m going to bring back over because they’re just interesting enough to have.
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