Previously, this site was mostly a showcase of things that I had been working with. It’s been a long time since I maintained a blog.

I would like to start keeping some of my notes in a more open place. After years of not blogging, I want to return.

Previously, I blogged on Tumblr. There’s a handful of old tumblr posts that I’m going to bring back over because they’re just interesting enough to have. I had a lot of notes that I referred to, and I’ll start bringing them here.

Tumblr, as some folks remember, imploded after they decided that adults shouldn’t be able to be adults, while simultaneously not doing something about the nazis and spambots. I left that blog in a weird state somewhere around 2018, right around the great exodus. It was worth it.

I’d like to extend this theme with a couple of useful bits of here and there data, specifically adding links that are just “here’s a link to a place.”

Anyhow, that’s it for now.