My name is Morgan Gangwere, and I’m a software developer, communications major, and general all-around makery-type on the internet.

My interests vary from topic to topic. Overall, I’ve been focused on

  • Information Security/Reverse Engineering/“hacking” – The kind of stuff that DEF CON is known for.
  • Software development (Python, Java, C#, etc.)
  • Linux administration – embedded, desktop, and virtual.
  • Communications studies – “human debugging” – Understanding how people talk to one another.
  • Graphic arts – both the arts side of it and general design work.

These have taken me to some interesting places. In addition to my projects, I have done

  • Web design and development (you’re looking at it, right now)
  • Graphic design (I do all my own logos – 100% of them, and sell stickers on my redbubble)
  • Photography and photojournalism (See also, Layer Eight)
  • Professional printing (Minor screenprinting experience, as well as high-end and some color matching)
  • Electronics design (I know my way around Eagle + kiCad, and have fabbed my own boards)
  • Electronics manufacturing (I build custom keyboards for my carpal tunnel)
  • Phone repair (I reflowed the SoC on my Nexus 4… For kicks and to make it work)
  • Vintage computer maintenance (I’ve worked with 9 track tapes, saved machines damaged by battery corrosion, etc.)
  • Metal machining & laser-assisted manufacturing (Read: I’ve worked with a laser cutter and a mill/lathe)
  • Woodworking
  • Custom deployments of Windows, Linux and MacOS (mostly Windows and Linux) for various needs, including Windows Embedded.
  • Linux system administration (I maintain a small number of Linux boxes for fun, but have made sure to keep them up to date and running smoothly.)