D3N9 was Day 3, Number 9 of the ChipKIT Design Challenge 2013.

I was the only entrant in the Level 2 challenge, where the goal was to exploit a feature of the ChipKIT Uno32 hardware included in the kit. A video was submitted to show the actual usage. I overlaid audio because other wise all you got was me breathing loudly or silence.

I drew a lot of inspiration from the Demoscene, a group of people who are in the business of exploiting as much out of the hardware they have on their hands at that moment. Kept alive today are the fine arts of Commodore 64 and X86 assembly proramming.

In the end, I netted the group I submitted through, Quelab, $2000 in Microchip Direct credit and $1000 in credit with Digilent’s web store. It was a lot of fun to enter the constent doing something that I hadn’t done before.

Since then, I’ve picked up working on similar text scrollers for fun when I want to do a simple graphics project that has some basic trigonometry.