Frmwrk is a framework for PHP with a little bit of Haskell, a little bit of F#, a little bit of Python and a little bit of C# for inspiration.

Okay, so yeah, it was a terrible idea that I wrote in a little over a week.

It’s kinda one of those things that I hated myself for. There’s a few places where I look at the comments and go “Wow, I was 21 when I wrote that?”

Yeah, that was 2012..2013. I was probably a little drunk, as I had just turned 21. Not a great time, but not the worst time for me.

Fundamentally, Frmwrk is a router: You declare patterns that the router consumes, matches, and chooses a route to go to. You can declare aliases, and even some custom route matching logic. It was pretty slick, and I think I wrote one or two little demos with it at the time. I included Smarty as a way to make sure that there was a secure templating engine out of the gate.

I included a basic demo application that did some routes and mangled some info.

It was… Okay, I guess. Not my best work.