Russ Fisher-Ives of RoboRAVE asked myself and my father to work on a simple set of very basic robotics tutorials for the Colombian RoboRAVE project.

My father built the hardware side, a basic DC-motor driven robot platform, built for the lowest cost he could to be Arduino compatible.

Part of my task was writing a simple C command line interpreter – LOGO/BASIC level that could give some contextual help and fit in the Atmega chosen for the project.

Fundamentally, we were pretending to be an Arduino Uno and the rest was just guff.

My parser was able to handle one command per line, in a simple “command ” fashion.

This was perfect for the task and adding extensions to the parser’s vocabulary was as simple as adding a few lines of C and a line in a lookup table. There was very little work on the part of the end user to extend anything.